Our society is increasingly drifting toward a state of  convictionless convictions.  I basically created a new way to describe the pluralism of tolerances by which our society believes is right – if it’s actually possible to define what “right” really means.  I’ve never been accused of being politically correct.  And […]

The “Others” – What the Missouri Presidential Primary Reminded Me ...

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I’m what you call one of those “Church people”.  I go to Church.  Every Sunday morning my wife and I wake up and dress our three kids all under six years old and together we go to Church.   I’ll admit that sometimes it gets a bit stressful trying to […]

Why I Go To Church…

Without a doubt the most commonly asked question I have eve received in relation to Heaven is this question, “How can I know that I will go to heaven when I die?”  If I were a betting man, I would wager that you’ve probably wondered that yourself, am I right?  […]

How Can I Know I Will Go To Heaven When ...

Our American culture seems to have mixed reviews about their expectations of heaven, from conservative Bible thumpers announcing the restrictions for heaven’s entry to non-believing universalists who open the doors for eternal life to anyone “dumb enough” to believe in it.  Some even think all we’re going to do is sit […]

What Will We Do When We Get To Heaven and ...

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I’m intrigued by the variety of responses I get when I ask people the question, “What do you think heaven is going to be like?”  Some of the responses I’ve heard include: “It’s going to be a never ending nap.” “We’re going to sing in the choir of angels.” “Doesn’t […]

Heaven is a PLACE, not just a state of mind.